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Glossary of building terms assistive technology australia ilc nsw. Building and construction industry definitions glossary the definitions below are terms used by csq and within the industry, they are listed in alphabetical order. Avfo as viewed from outside when drawing the window for manufacturing, the view taken is from outside. A building or structure on the same lot as the main or principal building. Standards australia international has developed software that will manage these terms as a single database but permit a selection to be published as an applicationspecific subglossary. Glossary of business terms adjective adj headwords for adjectives followed by information in square brackets only before a noun and not before a noun show any restrictions on where they can be used. It is to be used generally and specifically in aci technical communications, corre. The glossary terms on this page do not contain ncc defined terms. Glossary of building terms branz maintaining my home. Cutting a board or piece of plywood the long way and following the grain. Download dictionary of construction terminology as pdf. National committee on rationalised building, hans milton. Glossary of insurance terms the az for insurance practitioners terms generally associated with reinsurance ab initio a term used to describe avoidance of a contract from its inception or its beginning.

Over 250 pages of chronological checklists, critical path timelines, labor and material budgets, contractor performance, financing, preconstruction checklists, and more. An illustrated compendium of definitions of terms used in building, engineering and planning australia. Due to the need to contain the spread of coronavirus covid19 the library building and reading rooms are closed to visitors until further notice. Building and construction industry definitions glossary. Glossary of terms and abbreviations building performance. Study group of the new zealand national society for earthquake engineering 1992. Often times a table saw is used for this purpose, a skill saw will do an adequate job. Common building terms relating to architectural elements. The terms in this glossary have been carefully selected from the myriad of terms one can encounter in the shipping business. Access door door which allows access to concealed space or equipment. The watermark certification scheme scheme is a mandatory certification scheme for plumbing and drainage products to ensure they are fit for purpose and appropriately. Glossary of building terms building guide house design. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them. An addendum is generally issued by the owner to the.

Addendum addenda written information adding to, clarifying or modifying the bidding documents. Project management glossary terms usaid learning lab. In 1971 the mean sea level for 19661968 was assigned the value of zero on the australian height datum at thirty tide gauges around the coast of the australian continent. This hardcopy document, the fifth edition of the glossary of building terms, is published as a subglossary of the electronic database. Here are a few of the terms you may come across when building or reading building inspection reports. Disclaimer this information is disseminated under the sponsorship of the u. A surface divider joint designed to allow free movement between new and existing construction or between different materials. Ant cap ant capping or termite shield, a metal shield, usually made. Glossary of building terms assistive technology australia. Australian geodetic datum 1966 the datum used by the australian hydrographical office on australian charts which is a different datum used by the gps. The process by which a liquid or mixture of liquid and gases is drawn into the pores of a porous solid material. A particular term used very commonly in the northeast, may not even enter the glossary of established terms in the south. It is used exclusively in residential and commercial wiring because it provides. The following is a reference list of common building terms used in the construction industry and a simple explanation of each.

Timber strips on face of all around windows and doors. This section of the guide provides definitions for some of the more common technical terms. A simple glossary of terms used throughout, all related to construction and home building. Standards new zealand glossary of building terminology. Victoria law foundation legal glossary 2 adduce to adduce or lead evidence is to show a document or thing to the court, or to ask a witness questions, as part of an argument in a court case. Budget the amount allotted for the project that represents the. Here are a few to help with the communications a acceptable solution a design solution deemed to comply with the building code that is preapproved and therefore has fewer compliance costs associated. Body corporate a a term used in the strata titles act to describe the body representing. In some cases, key terms have been defined specifically for the purpose of an accreditation assessment.

Gravel or rocks that are used in concrete architrave. Australian standards are mandatory when referred to in building regulations. A window of varying shapes, projecting outward from the wall of a building, forming a recess in a room. Building regulations the building code of australia and other.

Australian standards are mandatory when referred to in building regulations, and are enforceable in contracts when call up in contract documents. Hb 502004 glossary of building terms free download as pdf file. Boundary trap a trap in the property service drain. A glazing unit used to reduce the transmission of sound through the glazed opening by bonding a soft interlayer between the layers of glass. Glossary of construction terms air condtioning condenser the outside fan unit of the air conditioning system. Usually circular in crosssection and is a common motif of classic architecture. Building construction glossary paladin risk management. Apr 10, 2017 this is a glossary of the key terms and abbreviations that are relevant to the building consent authority accreditation scheme. Glossary terms acceptable solution according to the building act 2004, an acceptable solution is a building solution that is accepted as complying with the building code. Ac disconnect the main electrical on off switch near the ac condenser. The insurance contracts act allows an insurer to avoid a policy ab initio in situations where an insured fraudulently non. Building construction glossary a above grade the portion of a building that is above ground level. Glossary of australian building terms national library of.

Assists in all areas of the building and construction industry, including designers, builders, producers and suppliers, information managers, regulators, technicians and tradesmen, and students to find appropriate terms and definitions for their work. Noun n the codes c and u show whether a noun, or a particular sense of a noun, is countable an agenda, two agendas or uncountable. Abcd, australian building and construction definitions. Codemark is a voluntary building product certification scheme that supports the use of new or innovative products. It replaces the fourth edition 1994 of the glossary of building terms. Area wells corrugated metal or concrete barrier walls installed around a basement window to hold back the earth assessment a tax levied on a property, or a value placed on the worth of a property. A ceiling of fibrous tiles that are highly absorbent of sound energy. Construction glossary of building terms residential reports. A voluntary national standard code or specification prepared under the auspices of standards australia sa. A projecting structure, such as a beam, floor or rafter system, which is supported at only one end.

Architect one who has completed a course of study in building and design, and is licensed by the state as an architect. Bay window any window space projecting outward from the walls of a building, either square or polygonal in plan. A revision of the modified mercall seismic intensity scale. Home building manual a wonderful home building book. Buy hb 502004 glossary of building terms from sai global. Glossary of building terms hb50 2004 an illustrated compendium of building terms and definitions used in australia and new zealand. Then enter a new password and select reset password. Aci concrete terminology american concrete institute. Drawn from the newly developed database of some,500 building, building construction and facility. An upright vertical member which usually stands clear of the main body of a building.

Construction glossary of building terms abutment that part of a pier or wall either end of an arch, beam, or bridge which resists the pressure of a load. It should be used with reference to other historic resources branch. Dictionary of construction terminology complete design, inc. Construction terminology cheat sheet planning assignable square footage asf usable square footage within a physical space measured from finished wall to finished wall. If you are either using a contractor from another part of the country, or are building in an area that you are not familiar with, be aware, that construction terms can be used in different manners throughout the nation. This report is the authoritative glossary for cement and concrete technology. An illustrated compendium of definitions of terms used in building, engineering and planning. The terms in this glossary are adapted from previous editions of the planning commissioners handbook 2000 and 2004, the planners pocket guide 1992, and the municipal revenue sources handbook 2001, all published by the league of california cities. Complete buildings glossary complete building sydney. Upon receipt of the email you should click on the click here to reset your password link. The unobstructed vertical distance through free atmosphere between the outlet of a waste pipe and. Trap a a fitting usually in the shape of the letter p or s which retains water to form a water seal so as to prevent the passage if gases or foul air into the building. Director of the ilg land use program, for compiling the 2004 edition of the glossary. Ag linea perforated pipe usually covered with a geotextile fabric laid behind retaining walls and other areas to catch seeping stormwater.

A glossary of building and planning terms edition 2 national committee on rationalized building canberra. It removes the heat from the freon gas and turns the gas back into a liquid and pumps the liquid back to the coil in the furnace. National committee on rationalised building australia edition. The professional trade secrets for managing the building of a home or renovating an existing home are here. National committee on rationalised building, 1985 building 336 pages. An illustrated compendium of building terms and definitions used in australia and new zealand. Custom home building manual for the serious builder. Act means the further education and training act 2014 qld as amended from time to time. Ac circuit alternating current the flow of current through a conductor first in one direction then in reverse. Glossary of building terms houspect building inspections. Unencumbered property property free and clear of mortgages. Department of transportation in the interest of information exchange.

Free construction glossary and home building terms. Alteration the rebuilding, reerecting, repairing, enlarging and extending of a building. A free standing vertical load bearing member usually stone, brick. General contractor responsible for the execution, supervision and overall coordination of a project and may also perform some of the individual construction tasks. Hb 502004 glossary of building terms australia standards. Abstract show below defines terms used in the building and construction industry. Ag line a perforated pipe usually covered with a geotextile fabric laid behind retaining walls and other areas to catch seeping stormwater. Determining duration through a bottomup approach requires sequencing and resource leveling to be done as part of the scheduling process. Glossary of architectural terms over the course of centuries, architects and builders have developed specialized terms to describe their buildings. Glossary of tree terms acid having a ph level below 7. Standards association of australia national committee on rationalised building australia edition.

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