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Come swim in the prettiest turquoise waterfalls in laos. One of the most beautiful waterfalls you will witness in laos is located in luang prabang city. There are places to swim but be careful when entering the natural pools because the stones are slippery and. You can also go for a swim in large pools below the falls. We had decided not to take the tuk tuk to the waterfall and rather getting there after 4 hours trek in the jungle. The falls are about 18 miles south of the city of luang prabang. If you are in central luang prabang youll see a trip to the falls advertised at all the tour agents, hotels and hostels so its easy to book on. Although i have mixed feelings about keeping any kind of wild animal into captivity, i think that the bears here have a better life than in the wilderness. Hoi khua waterfall is 100 metres high and during the rainy season it is. Therefore, follow the signs and swim only where permitted. We took the trek from tiger trail agency, and our guide fong was amazing. There are very cheap van transfers from the city to the falls departure 9. Tad sae waterfall is a spectacular natural wonder you can enjoy during the wet season in luang prabang. Laos is amazing, this waterfall outside luang prabang shows it all.

It is very popular for day trips and halfday trips with locals and tourists. This 50metre cascading waterfall drops into three tiers of turquoise pools with an otherworldly hue before continuing on downstream. There s a bridge over the water, where you can feel the drizzle from the roaring waterfall. Known as the worlds most beautiful waterfalls make sure you visit and see the bright blue color. Hop on a tuk tuk and head there in the morning hours, when its less busy. A 20 minute drive by minivan or on scooter will get you there. The best time to visit with gushing waters would be june to october.

A private tuktuk can be booked through most hostels and guesthouses. I also had zero knowledge of the specific bears on show. This allows you a day pass to the falls to swim, hike and take some incredible photos. These lead to the main fall with a drop of 60 meters. There are little wooden cabins to get changed in, as well as a cafe if youve forgotten your picnic. However, its good to note that there will be less water during the dry seasons of march to may. If you want to book a private tour that has an english speaking guide.

You can book a tour directly from luang prabang or online. The turquoiseblue waters flow through three sections you. To get there, youll have to travel by songthaeaw, tuk tuk, motorbike, or by boat and tuktuk. Especially on weekends and holidays it can get really crowded there. Along the path towards the falls, there was a prestop. After paying the entrance fee, make your way through the dense forest all the way up to the main waterfall. Kuangsi waterfall park is located at a short distance from luang prabang in northern laos. Tad sae waterfall near luang prabang luang prabang. Up there everything is quieter and the dense vegetation covers the light, but the view is spectacular. Shot with the mavic pro in 4k, sharpening, color correction and lut applied in fcpx. They are a more expensive than the other asian countries we have visited around.

The turquoiseblue waters flow through three sections you can swim in the middle section or climb right to the top. Actually, the very first thing i did upon landing in the luang prabang airport was to thank the gods that i had arrived safely after flying in. This multitier waterfall is about 30km out of town. On the right side of the larger waterfall is a muddy and unkempt trail running through the middle of the forest all the way to the top of the fall. Bring a picnic lunch and spend the day sitting under the falls and jumping off tree branches into the pools of crystal blue water. I didnt expect a bear enclosure on a waterfall daytrip tour. Hoi khua waterfall is 100 metres high and during the rainy season it is a truly awesome spectacle as it gushes down the cliff face and into the jungle below.

Less than an hour from sofitel luang prabang and situated inside a national park is one of luang prabangs most stunning landscapes. By shared tuktuk the most popular way of getting to and from the falls is by shared tuktuk, also known as songtaew. I rented a scooter from my guesthouse, the lakhangthong 2 friendly house, for 110,000 kip. If you are travelling to asia you must see this place it was the most unexpected amazing thing i have ever seen. You will find incredible vegetation and along the way you can also pay a visit to the beautiful sun bears. The water drops a whopping 50 meters into another turquoise pool. So far, a common theme of luang prabang is to be surprised. The waterfalls are a favorite side trip for tourists in luang prabang, and begin in shallow pools atop a steep hillside. Scooters and motorcycles are much more expensive to rent in laos than, for example, in vietnam. There is a bear sanctuary at the front which i was not too keen on. First youll climb up to a hidden plunge pool, and then follow a path through the jungle to the magical emerald waters below.

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